Grade III Service Project Aims to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Straw use has been a popular headline lately, and many organizations are moving toward reducing the number of plastic straws they use. Why? Plastic straws cannot be recycled and are so lightweight that they often blow into waterways. Americans alone use more than 500 million (half a billion!) straws daily, and although some people do need straws, most of us do
To help raise awareness, Grade III students have been working on a service-learning project over this past winter and spring. In Science and Library class, they researched ways in which plastics affect whales and other ocean life. Using this research and their fabulous whale drawings, third-graders designed and made tri-fold brochures that present important facts and a personal statement that speaks to why limiting straw use is important. The tri-fold asks restaurant customers to “ask for a straw” in the hopes that restaurants can move away from automatically putting straws in every drink. Third graders will head out into their neighborhoods and share their trifolds with any restaurant that would like to reduce plastic waste. Keep your eyes out for a beautiful tri-fold on a table or counter near you! 
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