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The nationally recognized Shady Hill Teacher Training Center (TTC)  provides a graduate-level teacher residency program that gives aspiring teachers hands-on experience in pre-K through eighth grade classrooms at Shady Hill School. In this one-year program, apprentice teachers work closely with current classroom teachers as they immerse themselves in the culture of Shady Hill School and learn through observation, supervised teaching, seminars, and mentorship. Participants earn master’s degree programs at Lesley University or Boston University.

Teacher Training Center Fellowships Available

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•  $30,000 Katharine Taylor “Teacher-Researcher” Fellowship

•  $18,000 Urban Teaching Fellowship


"If you have googled, you already know there is no other teacher training program that matches the TTC. The TTC spirit is truly special: expect to be surrounded by people who are experts in teaching, generous and experienced mentors, and have an unequivocal commitment to equity. I now run PD for teachers around the world and feel deeply that the TTC is the highest-impact investment you can make in your future as an educational leader. I am grateful every day that I 'learned to teach by teaching' at the SHS TTC."

Liza Garonzik, TTC '14, Founder of R.E.A.L., TTC Advisory Council
"I am a professor in education; I teach teachers; I shift the culture of schools; I change the landscape for people of color. I feel fortunate to be in a position to do this important work and to have found the TTC, which started me on a path of making a difference on a large scale." 

Charlotte Jacobs, PhD TTC ‘06
– Co-Director, Independent School Teaching Residency (ISTR) at Penn GE
"In my cohort, I was selected as that year’s TTC Urban Teaching Fellow, which placed me in a Cambridge public school for my spring term. Seeing different schools with different approaches opened me to a diversity of ideas, issues, and communities." 

Sean Hamer, Ed.D. TTC ‘05 & Urban Teaching Fellow
– Head of Alta Vista School, San Francisco

"Something deeply ingrained in me from the TTC is that schools are dynamic, team-oriented places where communication, collaboration, empathy, and social skills are as important as the academics." 

Nathan Tanaka TTC ‘13
– Middle School Head, Prospect Sierra School

"I never forgot about my time at SHS in the TTC program and the encouragement it gave me to write a book. Flash forward over 15 years later and I am a published author." 

Grace Kwon Shim TTC ‘05
– Author, The Noh Family

In the words of Katharine Taylor, TTC Founder and the first Director of Shady Hill School...

"The development of the person is really the most important element in the education of a teacher. No amount of technique or scholarship can make a good teacher out of a person who is afraid of experience."  – Katharine Taylor, Founder of the Teacher Training Center (TTC)
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