Oink! Oink! Happy Lunar New Year

The Assembly Hall buzzed as people piled in to celebrate the start of the Year of the Pig. DASH (Diversity at Shady Hill) members and parent volunteers ladled out flavorful dumplings and other tasty treats to long lines of hungry guests.
The “Make-Your-Own-Dumpling” table was hopping, and guests assembled an array of different- sized and shaped dumplings. The “Game Room" was a lively scene, with kids playing Chinese jacks, devil sticks, cup-and-ball as well as an array of board games--Go, Mahjong, and Chinese Checkers.
This year as part of their Service work, a host of sixth graders helped run the Game Room and crafts area. The extra hands made things flow well, and many people commented on how well the sixth graders took younger ones under their wing and helped them with the games and projects.

Head of School Mark Stanek braved a stampede of enthusiastic kids as he handed out gold (aka chocolate) coins as the night drew to a close.
Everyone agreed that the Year of the Pig got off to a great start.
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