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Summer Programs


Explore. Connect. Create.

These three words shape the way in which we think about programming and affect how we interact with your child in the midst of the work undertaken.

Explore: We think questions are more important than answers. We want children to think deeply about the world that surrounds them and seek ways to make it better. Real, authentic learning occurs when students are encouraged to construct complex ideas for themselves in ways that are deeply unique and personal.

When children freely engage in play and exploration they learn new things, develop key social and emotional skills, feel part of a community, and take on new challenges.  We encourage children to connect the learning they undertake and allow them to shape meaning from knowledge. 

CreateWe provide children the time, space, and materials to create rich artifacts that help show their understanding and learning.  By asking questions, exploring, inventing, daydreaming, improvising, tinkering, and making mistakes, children will be able to create something meaningful out of their learning experience and the world that surrounds them
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