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Learning Resources

The Learning Resources Department provides extra support for students who are experiencing difficulty with the academic program and teaches long-term strategies that all students can use to thrive as independent learners. Shady Hill makes every reasonable attempt to meet the needs of all students it enrolls, including students with learning differences. 


Support for teachers: 
  • Summarize neuropsychological testing documents
  • Consult on classroom instruction and in-class assessments
  • Offer in classroom observations and push-in support
  • Oversee and ensure academic accommodations
  • Coordinate standardized assessments, including data collection and analysis

Support for students: 
  • Provide extra support for those experiencing difficulty with the academic program
  • Coach organizational, executive function, and study skills in Middle School
  • Arrange one-on-one tutoring at an additional cost (financial aid may apply)
  • Facilitate targeted, skills-based small groups
  • Offer Middle School homework support during study hall in the Learning Lab

Support for families: 
  • Ensure continuity of academic support
  • Field and answer questions
  • Recommend and coordinate external evaluations


Please contact Abby Brown for Middle School and Hanh Cho for Lower School.


List of 19 members.

  • Photo of Hanh Cho

    Hanh Cho 

    Lower School Director of Learning Resources
  • Photo of Abby Brown

    Abby Brown 

    Middle School Director of Learning Resources
  • Photo of Marya Outterson

    Marya Outterson 

    Kindergarten Literacy Specialist & Tutor
  • Photo of Carole Cutler-Rubin

    Carole Cutler-Rubin 

    Grade I Literacy Specialist and Tutor
  • Photo of Kate Hest

    Kate Hest 

    Grade II Reading Specialist & Tutor
  • Photo of Amanda Marinell

    Amanda Marinell 

    Grade III Literacy Specialist & Tutor
  • Photo of Louis Caldarella

    Louis Caldarella 

    Grade IV Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Margot Lewis

    Margot Lewis 

    Middle School ELA Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Nora MacDonald

    Nora MacDonald 

    Middle School Math Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Madeline Edwards

    Madeline Edwards 

  • Photo of Zoe Fahy

    Zoe Fahy 

    Leave Replacement Middle School Learning Resources Teacher
  • Photo of Elizabeth  Hetzler

    Elizabeth  Hetzler 

  • Photo of Susan Kline

    Susan Kline 

  • Photo of Betsy Leahy

    Betsy Leahy 

    Curriculum Advisor & Tutor
  • Photo of Amy McCann

    Amy McCann 

  • Photo of Margaret McGaffigan

    Margaret McGaffigan 

  • Photo of Kerry O'Connell-Vale

    Kerry O'Connell-Vale 

  • Photo of Paul Rocklin

    Paul Rocklin 

    Middle School Tutor
  • Photo of Linda Yee

    Linda Yee 

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