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Since 1915, Shady Hill, a school of 520 students (PK-VIII) and 90 faculty, has been a leader in progressive elementary education. The year-long Central Subject study, which emphasizes strong content, the use of primary sources, acquisition of essential skills, and self-discovery, forms the core of our curriculum. Grades 3-8 engage in Central Subject, an in-depth, integrated, yearlong thematic study of a particular time or people in history.  Faculty who teach a Central Subject are responsible for the skills and content in both social studies/history and language arts and,  with the support of performing arts and visual arts faculty, the integration of these disciplines.  Each Central Subject teacher also serves as a homeroom/advisor for 15-19 students.

Shady Hill is a deeply mission-driven school.  We seek to develop independent, joyful, and curious learners who respect their own accomplishments and those of others. We strive to be a community whose values are strong and which is unafraid to engage students in important questions.The school’s program allows children to explore their worlds and test their powers.  As a diverse school, we believe that an inclusive community is an educational and moral imperative that empowers us all. Therefore, we seek to hire teachers who share this commitment and demonstrate the skills of culturally competent educators.

Shady Hill School is also a teaching training institution.  Its long-standing Teacher Training Course, which brings as many as eighteen apprentice teachers to campus each year, prepares talented men and women for careers in education and allows each faculty member the opportunity to be a mentor and meaningful contributor to the teaching field.  Because of the school’s commitment to teacher training, the school seeks teachers with certification or demonstrate interest in working towards certification when hired by Shady Hill School.

Shady Hill School actively seeks to forward diversity through its program and hiring.

Faculty Openings

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Administrative & Staff Openings

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Other Openings

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  • Afterschool Teacher

    The Shady Hill Auxiliary Programs team is seeking dedicated, dynamic and engaging instructors to join our experienced Afterschool team for the 2020-21 school year. This is a part-time position. 

    Auxiliary Programming is available to all Shady Hill families from Beginners through Grade VIII, and provides families with much needed after school childcare. Staff members are expected to supervise and engage students both during indoor and outdoor play time, support students with homework, and work with coworkers to develop and implement fun, enriching, developmentally appropriate activities for students.  
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  • Classroom Assistant

    Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities
    *May include any and/or all of the following:
    • Support students to engage in on-line and/or on-campus teaching in partnership with the gradehead (lead teacher)
    • Participate in and support special (live and/or virtual) events/activities as needed
    • Learn, assist and integrate academic technology into curriculum and student experience (i.e. Zoom, Seesaw, Google Classroom, Swivl, etc.)
    • Perform arrival, dismissal, lunch, recess, and other support duties as assigned
    • Help to manage virtual classroom transitions, including supporting students who cannot be physically present as needed
    • Help teachers maintain classroom and instructional materials
    • Attend and support specialist classes with assigned pod as needed 
    • Attend faculty professional development days
    • Support the tone for routines and behavioral expectations set by the gradehead 
    • Ensure the safety and well-being of all students and community members
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  • Substitute Teacher

    We are currently taking applications for substitute teaching positions in our Lower and Middle School. Candidates for substitute teaching positions should have at least a bachelor’s degree and experience working with children; preference will be given to candidates with degrees in education and to those with a master’s degree.
    Please send a cover letter, resume and references to:
  • Virtual Kindergarten Gradehead (Leave Replacement)

    Specific Responsibilities:
    • Continue established virtual program and adapt as necessary
    • Maintain an environment for young learners structured around routines and rules that develop positive social skills and a curiosity about exploration and discovery
    • Establish a literate environment which fosters creativity and a love of reading and writing
    • Introduce children to math concepts through varied activities and use of manipulation-based math materials, covering topics ranging from number, pattern and shape recognition to beginning place value and computation
    • Teach a year-long thematic study, All About Us, which integrates instruction in language and literature, science, and art 
    • Work collaboratively with the Kindergarten colleagues managing all classroom responsibilities, including designing and mapping curriculum, assessing students, writing reports, and conferencing with parents and administrators
    • Communicate regularly with families about student progress as well as ways to facilitate home learning (i.e., materials to print or prepare for the following week)
    • Serve as a full community member by attending weekly faculty meetings, sitting on committees, participating in admissions activities and volunteering for coverage duties.
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Whom To Contact

If we have no posted job openings and you would like to be considered for a future position at our school, please send your cover letter and resume to:

Allison Godlewski
Human Resources Manager

Shady Hill School
178 Coolidge Hill
Cambridge, MA 02138
617.520.5260        178 Coolidge Hill    Cambridge MA 02138