Tuition & Financial Aid

A Sound Investment in Your Child's Future
Since 1915, Shady Hill has helped children achieve mastery through discovery. With a long tradition of academic excellence, we have developed a unique Central Subject curriculum that allows students to be researchers, critical thinkers, risk takers, scientists, and poets. Our environment cultivates a love of learning that stays with children for a lifetime.
An independent school education requires a significant financial investment, but SHS is more affordable than one may think. We have a strong endowment and are committed to two priorities: minimizing annual tuition increases and keeping our faculty salaries high relative to our peer schools. We are also deeply committed to providing need-based financial aid in order to bring the cost of attendance within reach to a broad range of families.
As part of Shady Hill's Mission Statement, we challenge prejudice, respect difference, and recognize that multiple perspectives inform human experience. To this end, we aim to enroll students from across the socioeconomic spectrum.  We award nearly $3 million annually in need-based financial aid to 20 percent of the student body. The financial aid program is committed to helping families effectively meet the cost of a Shady Hill School education.  All grants take into consideration the total cost of enrolling at our school: you will not find add-ons for textbooks, lab fees, or field trips.  In addition, the Financial Aid Committee recognizes the added expense of Extended Day and Afterschool programs and considers these as part of a student's total cost when all parents in a household are working outside the home.
This section of our site is designed to inform families of all income levels about the financial aid process at Shady Hill. Please take a few minutes to explore the opportunities available to you. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the Admission Office at
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