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Financial Aid

The financial aid program is committed to helping families effectively meet the cost of a Shady Hill education. All grants take into consideration the total cost of enrolling at our school: you will not find add-ons for textbooks, lab fees, or field trips. In addition, the Financial Aid Committee recognizes the added expense of Extended Day and Afterschool programs and considers these as part of a student's total cost when all parents in a household are working outside the home.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

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  • 1. Gather Tax Documentation

    You will need to submit the following paperwork to School and Student Services:

    • copy of 2021 Federal Tax return and all applicable schedules
    • copy of 2021 W2
    • copy of 2022 Federal Tax return and all applicable schedules (when complete)
    • copy of 2022 W2 (when available)
    All Financial Aid paperwork must be submitted by February 1. Since the PFS takes some time to process, we suggest submitting it in mid-January. 

    *We realize that many families will not have completed 2022 taxes by the February 1 deadline. If that is the case, submit the 2021 paperwork and your 2021 W2s, and send in the 2022 taxes as soon as they are completed. If a Financial Aid award is granted in this case, it is done so contingent upon receipt of your 2022 tax return.
  • 2. Apply Online

    To apply for financial aid, please visit School and Student Services (SSS).There, you will be prompted to complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS). The PFS should be completed online, and supporting documents (referenced in Step 1) can be uploaded directly through their website.

    SSS will ask you to provide a school code for Shady Hill. This code simply ensures we receive the contents of your financial aid application. Shady Hill's school code is 7306.
  • 3. Complete our Afterschool Worksheet (Beginners - Grade 5)

    In addition to completing the PFS, all applicants for grades Beginners through Grade 5 must complete our Afterschool Worksheet (located on the SSS site), regardless of whether you anticipate a need for Extended Day/Afterschool coverage.

    Families applying for the admission of multiple children should complete and return one Afterschool Worksheet per applicant.
For more information about financial aid, we recommend reviewing the Applying for Financial Aid Guide, published by SSS. This guide provides a thorough examination of financial aid at independent schools. Questions about eligibility and the application process are addressed, as well as guiding principles.

Also, please feel free to watch any of the SSS webinars on the financial aid process.

Questions About Financial Aid?
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Phyllis Grant, Director of Student Accounts & Assistant Director of Financial Aid at or (617) 520-5217.

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