TTC Admission

The TTC seeks a diverse group of talented men and women who care deeply about children, are excited about learning, and are serious about becoming teachers. Demonstrated interest in and experience with children are required, but previous education coursework and classroom experience are not necessary. The TTC is designed for people with no more than one year of formal teaching experience as a student teacher or intern. 

Candidates must have a bachelor's degree with significant coursework in the liberal arts and sciences from an accredited college or university. Previous coursework in education is not necessary, but strong content knowledge in math, science, and humanities is expected of all applicants to our middle school and secondary programs. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred.

Applying to the TTC
To apply to the TTC, applicants must both submit written materials and interview with the program directors, faculty, and current apprentices. An application, resume, and official transcripts are required prior to admission interviews. Recommendations are not due until the application deadline, though we encourage everyone to complete their file as early as possible.

Contact Janet Ross to arrange your admission interviews: or 617-520-5215.

A complete application file includes:

  • a completed TTC application (use the online form or download the PDF)
  • a resume
  • 3 letters of recommendation, including at least one academic and one professional reference
  • official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended
  • a $50 application fee (payable to Shady Hill School)

Send all materials to

Note: Incomplete application files will not be reviewed by the admissions committee. Please arrange your interview date as early as possible and follow up with all three of your references to make sure they submit your letters on time.

Shady Hill School is unable to sponsor apprentices for Visas to study in the US or to award financial aid to international students. International students must enroll through Lesley or Boston University, which can sponsor F1 Student Visas but also cannot offer financial assistance.

Admissions Timetable

In 2021-2022, the TTC plans to enroll 10 apprentices in its early childhood and elementary programs through Lesley University. The admission process is highly competitive and spaces tend to fill early. Applicants are encouraged to contact Janet Ross and submit all paperwork as early as possible.

Click the image for a larger view of the admission timetable.

Financial aid application materials are due by the application date for whichever round you apply.
Admission decisions are made without regard to financial need, but scholarships are offered at the same time as admission, so all paperwork must be in on time. All fellowship decisions are made in April after the final round of admission decisions.


Lesley University Admissions

Applicants to the TTC who intend to earn a master's degree through Shady Hill's joint programs with Lesley University must submit a separate set of application materials directly to Lesley. The previous section describes only the process for applying to the Shady Hill TTC piece of the joint program. Apply to the Shady Hill TTC first; apply to Lesley soon after.

All candidates may apply to Lesley University. All Lesley applicants must submit Communications and Literacy MTEL results to Lesley as part of the application process. Additionally, middle school candidates whose bachelor's degree is in a different field than their desired license will need to pass the subject area MTEL prior to being admitted to Lesley University. For more information, contact that institution directly: 617-349-8300 and visit the Lesley University/Shady Hill Collaborative Program website.

Send Lesley materials to:
Lesley University, School of Education, Graduate Admissions Office, 29 Everett St., Cambridge, MA 02138.


Boston University Admissions
Not available in 2021-2022 - check back for 2022-2023.

All middle school humanities and secondary history candidates who intend to earn a Master's Degree through Shady Hill's joint programs with Boston University must submit a separate set of application materials directly to BU. The previous section describes only the process for applying to the Shady Hill TTC piece of the joint program. Apply to the Shady Hill TTC first: apply to BU soon after.

For more information about applying to BU, click here.

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We are excited to announce Shady Hill’s 2021 Fellow Recipients

Val Chrepta, Katharine Taylor Fellow
Jane D'Entremont, Urban Teaching Fellow


"I didn't want a
traditional training program.
I knew that at Shady Hill,
I'd be in a classroom all the time."
Glen Sherman TTC '00
Urban Teaching Fellow
Teacher at Mather School
in the Boston Public Schools
617.520.5260        178 Coolidge Hill    Cambridge MA 02138