So Much to Be Thankful For

The celebration began in the hallway leading to the Gold Gym, where sixth graders exhibited their colorful, imaginative turkey sculptures. Then, in an assembly filled with singing, poetry, performances and wise words, our community found much to celebrate. ...
... The Gold Orchestra opened with a beautiful rendition of Bach’s Allegro. Mark Stanek then warmly welcomed everyone and emphasized the importance kindness. He shared stories of how even small acts of kindness can benefit both the recipient and the giver. Citing a recent report, Mark said, “Choosing to be grateful can make you happier. Imagine all 700 of us all doing acts of kindness this holiday. What a force for happiness, positivity, empathy, compassion!”
Many groups contributed to the day’s success. The Faculty Choir and Gold Chorus sang a beautiful rendition of Now I Walk in Beauty and then led the assembly in an all-sing round. The Beginners charmed the crowd with their Turkey Gobble dance. Grades II and III recited poems. And the Gold Orchestra performed Tchaikovsky’s lively Trepak.
There were two individual contributions of special note. Eighth grader Calvin Wicks related how his Thanksgivings had changed as he had grown older but that appreciating family and spending time together was the core, tying them all together. Eighth grader Nate Pardo reflected on the spirit of the season and said, “If we can shine the joy and humor of the holiday into dark places, we can bring light to where it is needed. If we can transfer the season’s generosity and gratitude, then only good can come.”
Accompanied by the SHS Rock Band, the Assembly ended with everyone singing One Day. After the Assembly, around 60 alumni from recent years nibbled pizza in the Assembly Hall at this year's Young Alumni Reunion.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from all of us at Shady Hill!
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