Grandparents-Special Friends Day Fun for All

Last Wednesday, over 360 SHS Grandparents and Special Friends arrived on campus eager to see why kids are so excited to come to school each day. ...
...Everyone gathered in the Gym where Mark Stanek welcomed the day’s visitors. The middle-school cohort then left for classroom visits, and the Lower School held a lively assembly for Lower School grandparents and special friends. It opened with an all-student song and then featured group sharing, a performance by the Blue Chorus, and a closing song by the full Lower School. The lower-school cohort then departed for the classrooms, and the middle-school grandparents and special friends returned for their assembly. It began with a welcome and student facilitators leading announcements. The students sang a song, several arts electives presented their work, and the Assembly closed with another all-sing.
In the classrooms, grandparents and special friends saw plenty of learning in action. The morning's activities included reading stories, playing math games, reciting poems, exploring Central Subject topics, working on computers, and tackling math and design challenges.
Joy, energy, and community spirit were in full view during this memorable Grandparents and Special Friends Day!
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