Grade VI Scales New Heights

The sun broke through the menacing thunderclouds just as the bus pulled into the Mt. Major parking lot. The sixth graders spilled out, raring to charge up to the 1,785-foot summit. The September hike is the first of several Grade VI rites-of-passage challenges. Shady Hill also adds a class section in sixth grade, so the hike is an important community-building experience.
Each hiking group had several new students as well as students from each sixth-grade section as well as Mr. Fischel's dog Smitty. Everyone made it. From the bald summit, sixth-graders were treated to commanding views of New Hampshire’s expansive Lake Winnipesaukee. After exploring to granite top and lunching in the sun, everyone headed down, following a brook.
“Being at the top was fun, but going up and down was fun, too. I dipped my head in a stream,” said Peter Blackburn.
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