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The Athletic program at Shady Hill is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study a single sport in-depth each season. The goal of the Shady Hill Athletic program is to develop skills and teamwork while promoting good sportsmanship, school spirit, and fun. We aim to keep our teams small, providing an appropriate athlete-to-coach ratio and allowing for considerable participation time in competitions. Many of our coaches are Shady Hill teachers, who strive to meet each student where they are in their athletic development. The program is available to all students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth electively, under the fall, winter, spring season structure, with a one season competitive requirement per year.

Athletics Offerings

  • Fall: Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Flag Football
  • Winter: Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Ice Hockey
  • Spring: Boys’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Lacrosse, Track & Field, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis

2018-2019 Athletics Seasons

Fall Season:
September 6 - November 8 

Winter Season:
November 27 - February 7

Spring Season:
March 11 - May 23
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