Goal of the Program

The Afterschool Program maintains a focus on the mission of Shady Hill School in the planning and implementation of our curriculum. We aim to provide a stimulating and fun environment in which children can explore their own unique imaginations, develop friendships, and test their abilities. Afterschool offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for our students including gardening, cooking, yoga, engineering, studio arts, music, and dance. Our program also places an emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) based curriculum. We frequently welcome visiting instructors to help support the development of new curriculum.
Our Approach:
We recognize that at the end of a school day, many children are tired and often needing a variety of things—a nap, vigorous outdoor play, time to catch up with friends, a snack, space to let their imaginations soar. Others would like to do their homework or join in an art activity. We work to provide comfortable and engaging activity spaces. Our staff supervises the children on a range of levels—from mindfully watching to directly leading—depending on the activity.

Program Curriculum:
All children are encouraged to participate in both large and small group discussions and to be actively involved in the decision-making process as well as in the development of conflict resolution skills. We expect every child to participate in our community service projects and in preparation for special events. Children are asked to be responsible for and respectful of whatever toys, supplies, or classrooms they use, as well as the school property as a whole. With the Afterschool’s tradition of flexibility, we continually reassess our curriculum and structure and make appropriate changes in response to the needs of the children and families.

The curriculum goals for all children in Afterschool Program are:
  1. That they spend their afternoons in an atmosphere that is fun, stimulating, and nurturing, with as many opportunities for the children to plan their own time as feasible.
  2. That they learn how to be cooperative, responsible members of our multi-aged group. This includes participating in small and large group discussions, learning to respect and listen to others opinions, and developing conflict resolution skills. It also involves taking part in daily snack preparation clean up, etc.
  3. That they take increasing responsibility for making choices about how they spend their Afterschool time, and become increasingly independent and self motivated.
  4. That they be involved with decision-making about and preparation for special activities and events.
  5. That each child develop skills and be able to see his/her progress in some particular area(s) of interest, as well as feeling comfortable to branch out into other areas. Our activities are designed to offer a variety of experiences and give each child an area in which to excel.
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