Since 1915, Shady Hill, a school of 512 students (PK-VIII) and 90 faculty, has been a leader in progressive elementary education. The year-long Central Subject study, which emphasizes strong content, the use of primary sources, acquisition of essential skills, and self-discovery, forms the core of our curriculum. Grades 3-8 engage in Central Subject, an in-depth, integrated, yearlong thematic  study of a particular time or people in history.  Faculty who teach a Central Subject are responsible for the skills and content in both social studies/history and language arts and with the support of performing arts and visual arts faculty, the integration these disciplines.  Each Central Subject teacher also serves as a homeroom/advisor for 15-19 students.

Shady Hill is a deeply mission-driven school.  We seek to develop independent, joyful and curious learners who respect their own accomplishments and those of others. We strive to be a community whose values are strong and which is unafraid to engage students in important questions.The school’s program allows children to explore their worlds and test their powers.  As a diverse school, we believe that an inclusive community is an educational and moral imperative that empowers us all. Therefore, we seek to hire teachers who share this commitment and demonstrate the skills of culturally competent educators.

Shady Hill School is also a teaching training institution.  Its long-standing Teacher Training Course, which brings as many as eighteen apprentice teachers to campus each year, prepares talented men and women for careers in education and allows each faculty member the opportunity to be a mentor and meaningful contributor to the teaching field.  Because of the school’s commitment to teacher training, the school seeks teachers with certification or demonstrate interest in working towards certification when hired by Shady Hill School.

Shady Hill School actively seeks to forward diversity through its program and hiring.

Faculty Openings

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  • Grade VI Central Subject (Humanities) Teacher Family Leave

    • Teach Grade VI Central Subject, Africa (see attached document for further description of Central Subject)
    • Monitor the social, emotional and academic lives of early adolescent students
    • Communicate about student progress, write reports, hold parent conferences, and meet with administrators to support the needs of individuals
    • Work collaboratively with grade level team and other members of the Central Subject department to shape and refine the curriculum
    • Serve as a full community member by attending weekly faculty meetings, sitting on committees, participating in admissions activities, and covering duties and other routine faculty responsibilities.
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  • Lower School Math Specialist & Curriculum Coordinator

    Specific Responsibilities:
    • Coordinate the implementation of the Think Math curriculum in Grades K - 4
    • Develop supplemental instructional material and math assessments  in Grades PreK  - 4
    • Teach and support Lower School students one-on-one, in small groups, or as a class group, providing remediation and/or enrichment
    • Offer enrichment classes for Grades 3 & 4
    • Model lessons and coach teachers on effective instructional strategies
    • Report to the Math Department Chair to ensure curriculum alignment with middle school and establish effective working relationships with other school administrators to best support teachers and students
    • Effectively discuss the math program with the larger Shady Hill community and with parents
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Administrative & Staff Openings

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  • Director of Co-Curricular Programs

    Summary: The Director of Co-Curricular Programs is responsible for overseeing designing, and marketing all co- curricular programming at Shady Hill, including Afterschool Programs, Music Lessons, one day Fun Camps, and Summer Programs. Our goal is to provide relevant, consistently excellent programs that will support the mission of the Shady Hill School. This is a full time, 12-month position.
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  • Director of External Relations

    The Director of External Relations is responsible for initiating and managing relationships, representing the community and its philanthropic needs to corporate and foundation communities, and attracting resources for institutional priorities. The Director reports to and partners with the Head of School and Board of Trustees in the overall planning, integration, and oversight of all institutional development programs. The Director will also be responsible to align the School’s communication and marketing efforts.   
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Other Openings

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Whom To Contact

If we have no posted job openings and you would like to be considered for a future position at our school, please send your cover letter and resume to:

Allison Godlewski
Human Resources Manager

Shady Hill School
178 Coolidge Hill
Cambridge, MA 02138
617.520.5260        178 Coolidge Hill    Cambridge MA 02138