Anneke Reich ’05

Anneke Reich ’05 works to educate young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, with the goal of reducing relationship abuse — a calling made even more urgent given the recent rollback of abortion rights.
While working as a theater educator and arts integration specialist in the Boston Public School system for seven years, Anneke observed that the topic of healthy relationships was not always covered in students’ health education classes. She felt strongly that more needed to be done to teach young people how to spot unhealthy relationship dynamics, given that “Over 1 in 3 women, nearly 1 in 3 men, and 1 in 2 trans and nonbinary people will experience abusive relationships in their lifetimes.” She landed a job at One Love Foundation, a nonprofit whose goal is to empower young people with the knowledge to identify and avoid abusive relationships.

Anneke’s current role focuses on developing and facilitating interactive workshops within schools and nonprofit organizations across New England. She also trains community members and teachers so that they can effectively lead One Love workshops, and she works directly with One Love’s “Student Ambassadors,” equipping teens to facilitate programs within their schools. Since its founding, more than 37,000 volunteers have been trained to facilitate in-person workshops, which have reached over 1.9 million participants.
Anneke brings her arts background to the task of developing new educational content for One Love. As a way to connect to the younger audience through relatable channels, Anneke most recently helped produce a three-episode series called the Ghost Club. The “Netflix style” film follows the relationship dynamics (ranging from romantic relationships, friendships and sibling dynamics) of four young teens as they search for ghosts. The series is part of One Love’s online education center, which has reached over 100 million people to date.
Anneke is thankful for her experience at Shady Hill for allowing her to explore her creativity and make life-long friendships.
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