Rishi Sethi Khanna '16 helps highlight mental health issues in communities of color

Rishi Sethi Khanna '16 is a freshman at Princeton University. Wanting to participate in this summers' protests for racial justice, but unable to do so in person due to the pandemic, Rishi came up with his own way to contribute to the fight. “With an increased societal focus on uplifting people of color, I decided to hold a fundraiser for a charity primarily catering to Black communities. I did some research and ended up choosing the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM), which promotes mental health awareness.”
Rishi's selection of BEAM, he said, allowed him not only to raise money directly for the organization but also to highlight and combat the stigma sometimes associated with seeking treatment for mental health issues in communities of color.   “I decided to hold a weeklong running fundraiser for BEAM where people could either donate a flat amount or an amount per mile I ran. I ended up logging about fifty miles and raising $1,200. Overall, I think the fundraiser was a success.”  

Looking back on his Shady Hill years, he noted, “Having so many community service opportunities as a younger child while at SHS certainly played a role in how I view service today.” Rishi is still deciding on a major and considering various career choices.

One thing that is certain is that we will look forward to seeing more from this inspiring young change-maker.
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