ICU doctor Katie Miller '05 cares for crucially ill COVID-19 patients

Katie Miller '05, a second-year internal medicine resident, puts in long hours in one of Mass General Hospital's COVID-19 Intensive Care Units. 
"Our ICU patients are mostly those who are unable to social distance, including essential workers: grocers, mail carriers, those who are working to keep society functioning,” Katie commented. She went on, "It has been incredible to see the hospital band together. The janitorial staff, respiratory therapists, those who work in the labs. We are all trying to do our best for our patients.”
Katie has long known that she wanted to pursue medicine. Before attending Harvard Medical school, Katie worked on epidemiology in the Caribbean for Dominica’s Ministry of Health. Further back, in high school, she worked at a summer camp for children with severe disabilities. Katie said she feels "privileged to be a doctor. I'm grateful to be working and useful.” Thank you, Katie, for your tremendous work and sacrifice.  #changemakers
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