Molly Simmons '97

Molly Simmons '97 is a health services researcher with expertise in rapidly housing vulnerable populations. This is proving immensely valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Currently, she is working to secure funds for projects that will house and isolate the homeless and incarcerated in ways that both protect these populations and help stop the spread of the virus. Before earning a Ph.D. in health policy and management from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in 2016, Molly worked for the U.S. House of Representatives for five years. Molly currently works for the RAND Corporation, a non-profit global policy think tank, where she has worked on the Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands disaster recovery teams and has provided considerable research on the mental and physical health of veterans and service members. When asked about what inspires her day to day Molly Simmons '97 said, "It really goes back to Shady Hill which creates intellectually curious, mission-driven kids.” #changemakers
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