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LS Movement Assembly: Creativity + Athleticism + Teamwork = A Lot Of Fun

On Friday, students literally threw themselves lock, stock, and barrel into a series of spirited routines. What people may not appreciate is just how student-driven the Movement Assembly is. “We accomplish a lot of our program objectives by playing off of what students want to do. We set a goal, and they figure out their own ways to meet it,” said Lower School PE Curriculum Coordinator Stephanie Travers. "The kids really own the Movement Assembly.”
Athletic Director Melissa Carver was pleased that parents could see first hand the fruits of an innovative program. "Each year, the Movement Assembly provides a window into our Lower School Movement and PE curriculum. The routines that the students perform (with the guidance of our unbelievable Movement & PE teachers) are nothing short of magic. Each and every performance left us proud and reinforced how creative and intrepid our students are."
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