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Middle-School Assembly Focuses on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

In anticipation of International Holocaust Remembrance Day this coming Monday, artist, lecturer, educator, and SHS parent Larry Volk spoke to students today of his experience as the child of a Holocaust survivor. He provided some basic background information, recounted his personal experience, and related his mother Rose's story. He also drew connections to challenges that we face today. 
After he spoke, Director of Inclusion & Multicultural Practice Erica Pernell defined antisemitism and gave students concrete ways to counter it. Erica also introduced students to the 14th Annual Israel Arbeiter Holocaust Essay Contest
Today's assembly provided context, personal narrative, reflection, and action items. Even though the topics covered were age-appropriate and in line with best practices, it may stir strong feelings in your child. The article Talking about the Holocaust provides guidance on discussing the Holocaust with young people. If you’d like to discuss today’s assembly at home with your child, here are some ideas for ways to get a conversation started:
  • What were the mirrors and windows for you in Rose's and Larry’s story?
  • What did you learn about how people fought against antisemitism and the Holocaust?
  • How can we fight against antisemitism and other forms of hate?
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