Teachers Use the Art Show as a Powerful Learning Experience

Art inspires, and last week’s Art Show captured the imaginations of everyone visiting the Assembly Hall gallery. Thirty-four artists—alumni, faculty, and staff—exhibited over 130 works of art. Taking advantage of a treasure trove of creative expression, many teachers and gradeheads brought their classes to the show and asked their students to move beyond just looking.
  • Kindergarteners and third-graders sketched a work of art that particularly interested them.
  • Sixth-graders filled out sticky-notes with responses to prompts such as “What was the most surprising artwork you saw?” and “If you could ask the artist a question, what would it be?”
  • Several classes used the artwork as a jumping-off point for writing poetry. In one assignment, students wrote poems that incorporated poetic devices they were studying, such as alliteration, rhyme, simile, metaphor, personification, and imagery.
  • Many classes wrote and posted Haikus. For example:
               Flowers everywhere                       City of paper                              Underwater life
            Colors popping out at you           Cars and imagination             A safe house under the wave
                A mix of rainbows                     Many ways to see it                       A world of peace 
Using sticky-notes, several classes posted messages about what inspired them about one of the works. For example:
  • I liked the way you could take a personal moment and inspire viewers to recall their own memories.
  • I love the layers and dimensions of your piece and the many different ways and angles you can look at it.
  • What is amazing about this work is how the fabrics' textures and colors blend into a picture. The piece is alive and vivid.
  • I find this piece very interesting. You don't know what it is, but that's what I like about it.
  • Mr. Segar, how many bad brushes do you have?
Many thanks to the artists for sharing their works. And a huge shout-out to the Alumni Board and Advancement Office for planning, organizing, and orchestrating an art show enjoyed by so many--alumni, past faculty, and the current Shady Hill community.  Thanks, too, to Kirk Goetchius ’76 TTC '86 and John Segar ’72 who installed such an enchanting show.
A Kindergartener leaving the gallery summed up what everyone felt: “I like it all.”
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