This Week, Shady Hill Celebrated Its Hundredth Day of the School Year

For Day 100, Lower School Head Serena Wilkie Gifford found a fun way to celebrate. She asked lower schoolers to tell her what they loved about Shady Hill. 
The document linked below has the full set of 100 reasons. But here’s a sampling—every tenth one from the list:
1.   Being outside so much
10. There are so many Magna-Tiles
20. Going to movement
30. Learning how to code
40. Watching the eighth graders do the thing with the ribbons on May Day and knowing that I’ll do it one day
50. There are a lot of Celtics fans here
60. Learning how to knit and making my Shady Hill hat
70. The songs we sing at assemblies
80. Learning how to read
90. Writing the story about losing my tooth
100. “That this is the best school….Actually, it really is!”
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