Kindergartners and Grade III & VI Students Organize Book Drive for Ugandan School

Literacy. It is one of the world’s most powerful change-agents. SHS students are helping expand literacy in a town in Uganda. Read below to see how you can help.
But first, some quick background. The mother of a SHS alumni put gradeheads Anthony Amoroso (Kindergarten) and Grace Wettach (Grade III) in touch with the Ineza Parents School, a pre-K–Grade 5 school with roughly 200 students in Kisoro, a small town in southwest Uganda. Thanks to a SHS summer grant, they traveled to Kisoro to build an ongoing relationship with the community. During their stay, they learned that the school wanted to build up its library. “It has a great space for a library,” Grace said, “but only a few good-quality children’s books and books for early readers. Beyond building the collection for its students, the school also wants its library to be a community library for the town.”

Students in Kindergarten and Grades III and VI have jumped to action.
  • Kindergartners decorated the collection boxes, learned about the Ineza School, and compared their community to ours.
  • Third graders strategized the best ways to collect the books and set up collection sites at the Front Desk and in the Hub. Click here to view the third grader’s video explaining the project.
  • Sixth graders are examining the transportation and infrastructure requirements for sending large shipments of heavy books to a landlocked African country.
The collection will continue until February 15, the Friday before February Break.
    • Ineza School Book Drive

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