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Grade VII

There are four Grade VII classes with 16 students in each class.

About Grade VII

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  • Grade VII Central Subject: The Early American Experience

    Naturally embedded in any academic curriculum are human themes. In keeping with Shady Hill School’s traditions, we aim to integrate within all subjects themes regarding character, values, respect for self and others, and the responsibility children have as members of the community.

    The Grade VII Central Subject focuses on early American history, weaving together instruction in English, history, and world geography. We explore Throughline questions around concepts of leadership, responsibility, and groups. Students work in several class structures: whole class, small cooperative groups, pairs, and individually. We emphasize the processes of inquiry, research, and analysis, with students contributing their findings in writing and orally to the shared classroom community.
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  • Mathematics in Grade VII

    (Four 50-minute periods per week)

    The middle school mathematics program at Shady Hill School guides students in constructing new mathematical knowledge built upon deep understanding and prior learning. The program provides students with meaningful learning experiences through discovery and exploration, complemented by the formalization of requisite algorithms and skill work. Students work both independently and collaboratively in class. They develop skills in problem–solving, and further their ability to communicate and justify their reasoning. They are encouraged to represent their thinking in both oral and written form. Students make connections to mathematical ideas and to real-world experiences. The use of manipulatives and technology allows students to move from concrete to abstract thinking in the ongoing development of mathematical ideas.

    The Seventh Grade math curriculum solidifies arithmetic skills and concepts and requires application of those skills throughout several content areas of study. These include a review of numbers and operations (whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percent, exponents and ratio, and proportion); geometry (two and three-dimensional figures); data analysis; probability; and operations with negative numbers. Throughout, students are asked to apply these skills to solve rigorous problems that model real-world situations. In the third term, students begin their formal study of algebra with linear equations and word problems. There is one enriched section that delves deeper into each content area, offering more challenging problems and demanding more independent study within the same curriculum.
  • Science In Grade VII

    (Four 50-minute periods per week)

    In Seventh Grade science, students develop an understanding of the human body and how it works, through studies of the various organ systems, including the reproductive system. In conjunction with each system, students explore topics of health and wellness including mindful nutrition, diseases and disorders, and the effects of drugs on the body. Laboratory work is an integral part of the course. Experimental design, careful observation, record keeping, study skills, and data analysis are emphasized. Students will also complete several creative and collaborative projects that allow them to pursue areas of interest. We use the texts Human Biology and Health, published by Prentice Hall and It’s Perfectly Normal, by Robie Harris in addition to many supplemental materials.
  • World Languages In Grade VII

    (Four 50-minute periods per week)

    In Grade 7, students choose among the study of French, Mandarin, or Spanish.
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  • Physical Education & Athletics in Grade VII

    ATHLETICS - Three 90-minute periods per week plus games
    Students in Grades VI, VII and VIII have opportunities to compete in a full interscholastic athletic program. Shady Hill offers ten interscholastic sports (cross country, field hockey, soccer, flag football, basketball, ice hockey, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, and ultimate frisbee), fielding approximately 24 teams. Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade students are required to participate on at least one Shady Hill interscholastic team per year. 

    PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Five 50-minute periods per cycle
    Students in Grades VI, VII and VIII have opportunities to engage in and deeply explore rich and diverse physical activities during the school day, and participate in regular dismissal. Shady Hill offers yoga, fencing, fitness, and intramural sports as electives during select trimesters. Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade students may choose one or two electives per year, one per trimester. These students will also participate on at least one Shady Hill interscholastic team per year. We believe our Middle School Physical Education program brings choice and balance, and an overall robust experience to our oldest students.

    Students who participate seriously in year-round sports and athletic endeavors not offered by the school may apply for a full-year exemption. In all parts of the program, there is a three-pronged emphasis: the pursuit of fitness, cognitive understanding of concepts, and the development of self-confidence. The ultimate goal is to gain team and personal success while modeling Shady Hill’s core values. 
  • Visual & Performing Arts In Grade VII

    (Electives: Three 100 minute periods every 10 days)

    The Arts are presented in Seventh and Eighth Grade as a three-term program taught by Shady Hill School music, studio and shop teachers, other Middle School faculty, and several professional artists and musicians from outside the school community. Students are expected to enroll in a variety of courses in both Visual and Performing Arts before leaving Shady Hill. In 2018-19, courses offered include: Hip-Hop Dance, Comedy, Filmmaking, Jazz Band, Rock Band, Hip-Hop Songwriting, Intro to Guitar, Costume Design, Pottery, Photography, Drawing, Animation, Design, Shop, Metalworking, and Oil Painting.

    The Fall Play and Winter Musical are Arts Electives which require some additional time commitment. Students in the casts of the Play and Musical will rehearse occasionally on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and on some Saturdays throughout the term. All participants will be required to be at some after-school rehearsals in the two weeks immediately prior to performances.

    (Ensembles: one 50-minute period per week)

    Gold Chorus and Gold Orchestra will meet during one academic period per week. These ensembles will perform several times during the school year at school assemblies. Students in grades VII and VIII who are a part of the school ensemble program may audition for the MMEA Eastern Division Junior District honors Band, Chorus, or Orchestra in January.

    The Gold Jazz Band, for experienced seventh and eighth grade musicians, meets once weekly for rehearsal after dismissal for one hour. These students also perform several times during the school year at school assemblies, evening concerts, and some off-campus venues.
  • Middle School Community

    (One 50-minute Assembly per week)

    Assembly is a regular time designated for Middle School students, faculty and staff to build and maintain community. A variety of activities are scheduled during this time, from large group games and icebreakers, to classroom sharing and performances by visiting artists and outside speakers.

    (Two 10-minute Morning Meetings per week) 

    Weekly meetings of Grades V-VIII, led by Grade VIII students, provide opportunities for school and division related announcements, class sharing and brief performances. This informal blend of news, information and entertainment builds community spirit and Middle School unity. In addition, these meetings feature Eighth Grade “declamations” of original written compositions.
  • Library In Grade VII

    Library time for seventh graders includes librarian book recommendations, book discussions, research instruction, and quiet reading, an independent reading program supported by the librarians but overseen by the gradehead. Students also meet with a librarian on a flexible basis for research support and instruction using both print and online resources.

Grade VII Faculty

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  • Photo of Madeleine Freundlich

    Madeleine Freundlich 

  • Photo of Lisa Iaccarino

    Lisa Iaccarino 

    Grade VII Gradehead
    Boston College - B.Ed.
    Lesley University - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Hannah Jones

    Hannah Jones 

    Grade VII Gradehead
    Columbia University - B.A.
    U. Witwatersrand - Johannesburg - M.A.
  • Photo of George Langdon

    George Langdon III  

    VII Gradehead
    Yale University - B.A.
    Harvard University - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Melissa Carver

    Melissa Carver 

    Director of Athletics and Physical Education
    Springfield College
    Lehman College - Master's
  • Photo of Sara Fromme

    Sara Fromme 

    Mandarin Teacher
    Chinese Cultural University - BFA
    Oklahoma City University - MBA
  • Photo of Pat Horn

    Pat Horn 

    French Teacher
    SUNY - Plattsburgh - B.S.
    SUNY - Plattsburgh - M.A.
  • Photo of Jody Kopple

    Jody Kopple 

    Library Director
    Earlham College - B.A.
    Antioch College - M.Ed.
    Pratt Institute - M.L.S.
  • Photo of Jeannie Laplante

    Jeannie Laplante 

    Science Teacher
    Middlebury College - B.A.
    Southern Connecticut State University - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Heidi McCune

    Heidi McCune 

    Assistant Director of Athletics
    California University of Pennsylvania - M.S.
    Loyola Marymount University - B.A.
  • Photo of Kara Morton

    Kara Morton 

    American University - B.S.
    Lesley University - M.Ed.
    Northeastern University - Ed.D.
  • Photo of Brendan Murphy

    Brendan Murphy 

    PE Teacher
    University of New Hampshire - B.S.
  • Photo of Jake Nunes

    Jake Nunes 

    Mathematics Teacher
    Princeton University - B.A.
    Bank Street College of Education - M.S.Ed.
  • Photo of Stephanie Travers

    Stephanie Travers 

    Grades B-V Physical Education Curriculum Coordinatior
    Springfield College - B.S.
    Springfield College - M.Ed.
  • Photo of William Yepes

    William Yepes 

    Spanish Teacher, World Languages Chair
    Corporacion University - B.A.
    University of Massachusetts Boston - M.S.
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