Music in Beginners

(Two 30-minute classes per week)

In the Beginners music curriculum, students are exposed to and immersed in a wide variety of musical experiences including singing, dancing, listening, and playing age-appropriate rhythm instruments.

Students are introduced to the tremendous cultural diversity in music by learning songs in different languages and listening to selections from different cultures. As the year progresses they become familiar with basic musical concepts and terms such as fast/slow, high/low, soft/loud and, major/minor.

As in the other grades, repertoire is prepared for weekly lower school assemblies, as well as holidays and special events, including Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday, Black History, May Day, and Closing Day.
Lower School Assemblies

The entire Lower School (B-IV grade) meet together in the Assembly Hall from 8:35 to 9:15 Fridays. The music component of assemblies includes community singing, performances by Shady Hill students and performances by visiting artists. Outside presenters come from the arts, sciences, and humanities and make a connection to the wider world. Music at the assembly extends the music curriculum and deepens students’ understanding of music as cultural expression. Classroom sharing is also an important focus of assemblies. The emphasis is on sharing works-in-progress from all areas of the Lower School. Preparation for sharing is part of the learning process and sharing in front of a larger group in a safe, supportive environment helps children develop confidence in projecting their voices and effectively presenting their work.
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