Language Arts in Beginners

The Beginners program strives to create a literacy-rich environment, which fosters curiosity and a love of reading and writing. This is done through constant exposure to books and environmental print and opportunities for informal and teacher-directed writing. Language activities are designed to lay the groundwork for developing skills in listening, following directions, reading readiness, communicating with others, and creative thinking.
A set of B-VIII Grade standards provides the framework for our work in language arts. Below are listed some of the skills we expect Beginners to develop in Language Arts over the course of the year.

  • Maintaining focus and listening to others
  • Contributing during meetings and discussions  
  • Following multi-step oral directions
  • Developing a love of literature
  • Recognizing and naming all uppercase letters
  • Demonstrating letter-sound correspondence for most letters
  • Writing name and recognizing most classmates’ names
  • Identifying and generating rhyming words and alliteration
  • Clapping or counting syllables in words of up to three syllables  
  • Engaging in different kinds of writing, such as labels, letters, and stories
  • Developing an understanding of character, setting, and plot
  • Self-identifying as a story-teller and author
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