+ Thematic Study: The Charles River

The Second Grade curriculum is constructed to meet the wide range of needs, knowledge, experiences, learning rates and styles possessed by our students. We hope to foster skills and values which will serve children their entire lives; love for learning, an openness to new experiences, a sense of confidence, independence and a respect for others. A primary goal in Second Grade is to establish a community of learners in which children learn from one another as well as their teachers. Teachers aim to help children achieve a greater sense and appreciation of who they are as individuals and as members within a community. Through this exploration children will become aware of shared commonalities and unique differences.   

In second grade, students are involved in an in-depth study of topics related to the Charles River.  Topics include river formation, bridges and dams, simple machines, and native wildlife. Through involvement in the Lower School thematic study, children gain factual knowledge while developing a deeper understanding of our community and a respect for its diverse peoples. Guiding questions the class explores together include:
  • How has the Charles River been used, historically and in the present?
  • How has the Charles River influenced the community around it, historically and in the present?
  • What can we learn about the Charles River habitat?
  • What animals and plants are native to the Charles River habitat?
  • How has the Charles River habitat changed over time?
  • What can community members do to help preserve the Charles River habitat?
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