Language Arts In Kindergarten

Speaking, listening, reading and writing are inseparable parts of language development. Our program incorporates all of these elements.  Mastery of language is a continuum, which extends over a number of years and happens for all children at different ages depending on their maturation, experience and learning style.  The goal of the language arts program is to nourish a love for words and books, build specific skills, and help children gain confidence in their own abilities. Teachers offer a range of opportunities for children to explore language. Children listen to stories and poetry, sing songs, write, and play phonetic games. Aspects of the language arts curriculum are also reinforced through the Fundations program.
A set of B-VIII grade standards provides the framework for our work in language arts. Our program is also supported by the kindergarten literacy specialist, Mackenzie Davis. Listed below are some of the goals we have for kindergarteners over the course of the year. These are by no means all of the topics we cover, but rather an overview of some of the skills we expect children to master by the spring.
  • recognizes and names upper and lower case letters
  • identifies consonant sounds
  • hears and manipulates sounds in words
  • uses beginning reading strategies
  • recognizes approximately 20 high frequency words
  • independently uses invented spelling, phonemic awareness, and letter knowledge in writing
  • generates topics for writing
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