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Pollyanna Racial Literacy Curriculum

Pollyanna is a national nonprofit helping academic institutions and corporations achieve their diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging goals. Their mission is to advance systemic change by developing stronger communities, which they do through programs that enhance cultural competency, racial literacy, and equity practices. Beginning in August 2021, all B-VIII Shady Hill teachers adapted and implemented selected lessons from the Pollyanna Racial Literacy Curriculum. In this curriculum, students are presented with opportunities to examine and explore fundamental values related to identity, community, and justice. 

Pollyanna asserts that “without a sincere effort to understand the historical roots and current problems caused by race and racism, we will continue to passively accept the status quo.” Shady Hill agrees, and in concert with our school’s Mission, we are committed to supporting the development of students’ racial literacy skills as they work to “honor difference, challenge prejudice, and strive for racial and social justice.” 

Our next steps as a school include teaching all eight Pollyanna lessons in each grade level.

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