TTC Partners

The Teacher Training Center partners with a PreK-8 public school in Boston, enabling apprentices to see and experience a different model of teaching children. With the rise of English Language Learners in Massachusetts, it is advisable for apprentices to gain practical experience teaching public school and ELL students. Each year, 30% to 60% of Shady Hill's apprentices complete their spring practicum in a public school. Since  2017, our public school partner is Boston's PreK-8 Gardner Pilot Academy. The TTC Executive Director supervises apprentices both on and off Shady Hill’s campus and facilitates professional development workshops for mentor teachers at all partnering schools.

The TTC's decades-old partnership with Lesley University provides apprentices with an opportunity to merge theory and practice each day. Our partnership with Boston University accomplishes this, as well. This partnership also enables Shady Hill faculty to keep abreast of the latest educational research, teach graduate courses as Lesley University adjunct faculty, and connect with other educators who train teachers.

Collaboration keeps the TTC fresh and relevant in its important work of preparing teachers to provide an equitable education for all children. Independent schools and public schools throughout the United States hire TTC graduates because they value the quality of their training and experience.

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