Teacher Training Center (TTC) Overview


Shady Hill's nationally known Teacher Training Center (TTC) is a graduate-level teacher-preparation program that provides aspiring teachers with well-guided experiences in pre-K through eighth-grade classrooms. In this one year, site-based program, apprentice teachers discover what teaching is all about through observation, supervised teaching, workshops, seminars, and continuous involvement in the life of the school. Some participants choose to enroll solely in the TTC, though most also participate in a partnering master's program at Lesley University or Boston University.

  • Early Childhood (pre-k-2) (not for 2020-2021)                             
  • Elementary (1-6)                                           
  • Middle School Humanities (5-8)    
  • Middle School Mathematics (5-8)      
  • Middle School Science (5-8)
  • Middle School Math and Science (5-8)
  • History (5-12)
  • Math (8-12)
  • Tech & Engineering (5-12)

A Day in the Life of An Apprentice

    • TTC Class of 2019-2020

Upcoming TTC Events

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