ShadyHill@Home is the name of our online learning program that began on March 19 per Governor Baker's order to move all schools online.

Shady Hill's remote-learning goals are to provide students and families with structure and flexibility as well as opportunities for rich learning and a sense of community among students and teachers. Characterized by synchronous and asynchronous instruction, Shady Hill’s online program is responsive to a wide range of families’ needs in this unprecedented time

Throughout the week, our teachers will provide synchronous morning meetings, lessons, office hours, small-group instruction, 1-on-1 check ins, and tutorials to foster community and relationships. At the same time, they offer asynchronous lessons for deep learning and skill development. Our online-learning program seeks to translate our School’s pedagogy, characterized by hands-on, experiential learning, to the places in which children are learning right now.

Welcome to ShadyHill@Home.

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Curriculum Sampler

On-campus or online, our program rests on the same pillars. For more examples, check out Stories & Projects.

Skill Mastery: A Grade III math project
 A literature assignment
Creative problem-solving:
A weekly invention challenge
: Teaching about Recent Violence Against Black Lives
------------------------------------------------Resourcefulness: Creative online lessons
Activities that connect
Joyful learning:
 A teaching hallmark
Ethical citizenry:
A call to action

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