Shady Hill Fair Spring 2022 FAQ Page

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  • Can I purchase a Fair T-Shirt on Fair Day?

    Yes! T-shirts will be available for purchase on Fair Day.
  • Can I purchase admission bracelets on Fair Day?

    Yes! There will be a table selling bracelets on Fair Day at both entrances
  • Can I pick up my Pre-sale admission bracelets on Fair Day?

    Yes! There will be a bracelet pick-up table at both Fair entrances. You just need to tell the volunteers your last name and they will look you up and hand you your tickets.
  • Do I need to purchase Event tickets to enjoy activities at the Fair?

    No. We are no longer offering event tickets. Instead, ALL activities are covered under the “All You Can Do” bracelet. 
  • My child has an “All You Can Do” bracelet, and I have a “General Admission” bracelet. However, my child wants me to participate along in an activity. What should I do?

    We understand as a parent/caregiver, you might need to get involved (for example, joining your child in the funhouse). You are more than welcome to participate in the activity with the General Admission bracelet.
  • Can I use credit cards or cash to purchase food at the Fair?

    We are asking all attendees to purchase FOOD TICKETS on Fair Day. They will be available for purchase at the entrances and at a table by the food booths. Food tickets are $1.00 each and work as “cash.”

    Please refrain from using cash at the food booths to make transactions easier for our volunteers.
  • Should I bring cash with me on Fair Day?

    We recommend bringing cash with you. We do have the ability to take credit cards for admission bracelets sales, t-shirt sales, and class photos. Food trucks will also require credit cards or cash.
  • Will the food trucks accept food tickets?

    No. Food trucks are independent of SHS and will require cash or credit card for payment. 
  • Can I bring my dog to the Fair?

    Although we love furry friends, dogs are not allowed on campus on Fair day.
  • Can I bring snacks/lunch from home to enjoy during the Fair?

    Yes! But please be mindful of food allergies.
  • Will clothesline, sporting goods, raffle, or book sale happen this Spring Fair?

    No. These events will be postponed until the Fall 2022 Fair. 
  • What happens in the event of a medical emergency?

    We have a first aid kit available, a list of doctors, and an ambulance available.
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