Introducing the Hub

Meet “the Hub,” Shady Hill’s new integrated-learning center. Its state-of-the-art teaching and learning spaces will spark curricular innovation. The Hub enhances Shady Hill's program, as Mark Stanek explains. “The Hub brings math, science, and engineering together under one roof. By fostering creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, it will enrich their connections to Central Subject and to the humanities, arts, and movement programs.”
The Hub houses six labs, four classrooms, a community-meeting space, an outdoor classroom, a rooftop garden, a “makerspace” for hands-on projects, and a fabrication lab for creating with innovative technologies, such as 3-D printers.  As Science Department Chair Tracy Polte sees it, “This is an opportunity to have a community around building things and making things in new ways.” Mark Stanek reflected, “We will continue to build on our tradition of integrated learning while at the same time open new possibilities for students and faculty.”

Use the slideshow below to take a tour.

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