Sixth Graders Tend to Gardens and Community at the Farm School

Part of the Grade VI experience is learning to take a more active role in one's community and to contribute in new and meaningful ways. Throughout the year, students learn to take on more responsibilities and hopefully experience more independence. 

In an effort to apply these lessons, sixth graders travel annually to The Farm School in Athol. The Farm School is a 130 acre farm with large vegetable gardens, lots of farm animals, and sprawling fields. According to their website, “While [students] are here, they find value in real work, create community that persists when they return to their classrooms, and experience first hand what it means to be stewards of the earth. It’s simple and it’s magical.”

The sixth grade gradeheads and students were happy to return to this special place, even for a short day. During their time, students brushed oxen, made a new pen for piglets, rescued an escaped goat, harvested radishes, planted seeds, sawed wood for a lean-to, built a fire pit, and, of course, scooped animal droppings. They also enjoyed a lot of free time and exploring the land on their own.

Thank you to our Grade VI gradeheads for leading students on this fun and enriching adventure. 

Click here for photos from The Farm School. 
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