Peter Bull '69, Emmy award-winning producer of documentaries, sheds light on important issues like climate change

Skilled storyteller Peter Bull '69 is an independent filmmaker and an Emmy award-winning producer of documentaries, whose goal is “to break down very complicated issues into digestible nuggets so that people can better understand our world – and put that understanding into action.”
His gripping documentary Dirty Business: ‘Clean Coal’ and the Battle for Our Energy Future, came out in 2010, debunking the myth of “clean coal” and illustrating potential climate change solutions. It won numerous awards, and is as relevant today as ever. Peter shares, “Climate change is the crucial issue of our time and the scientific evidence is daunting.” Peter’s commitment to climate change began in the 1990’s. “The science was there. I was shocked that no one was paying attention.” Peter has also produced Hot Politics, a one-hour documentary about the politics of global warming for PBS/Frontline, as well as four pieces for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project/Live Earth 2015, highlighting stories of people making a difference in the fight against climate change. 

Currently, Peter is collaborating with The Innocence Project on a documentary about the 1970’s MacDonald family murders, to aid in the effort to release Jeffrey MacDonald from prison. 

With his work, Peter hopes, “to shed light on what is going on in order to make change, to get people wrongly accused released from prison and to help us solve problems like climate change which we know how to solve, but just aren’t solving.” 

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