Alumni Spotlight: Emmy McQuaid Hanson '95

Dr. Emmy McQuaid Hanson ’95 is an anesthesiologist in Spokane, WA. This past April, during the peak of New York City’s COVID-19 caseload, Emmy answered a call for physicians willing to fly there to help out in the crisis. She was put to work at Manhattan's Bellevue Hospital, where COVID-19 patients occupied every one of the hospital's 844 beds. Over the course of that one week, Bellevue accepted 500 transfers from other hospitals.
Emmy describes her five-day NYC experience as “like working in a war zone.” The doctors and nurses she was joining had recently lost co-workers to COVID-19. Added to that stress, the protocols of keeping patients isolated were "especially devastating. The whole experience was incredibly impactful emotionally." Yet as difficult as it was, Emily's overarching sentiment is one of appreciation: "I feel lucky to have been able to help and to have worked with an amazing team."
Thank you, Emmy, for your selfless service. #changemakers
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