40 Things to Do While In Quarantine

Problems can often be catalysts for new ways of thinking and acting. Fifth-grader Rose and her friend Elise have used the quarantine as an opportunity to think about things they like to do as well as about things they have always been interested in trying. They have compiled an amazing list guaranteed to keep them—and us—busy for a long, long time.
 Rose writes:
Elise is a friend who lives right next door to me. She is in fifth grade at Belmont Day. We have been making all sorts of videos, art, food, and we decided to write about what we had been doing and maybe inspire people to do some of these fun things, too. Elise wrote the first 20, and I wrote the second 20. The activities we have been doing the most are making videos, learning a language (more me than her), and sewing (more her than me, but I still do it).
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