True Courage--A Whaling Adventure and Then Some!

Congratulations to the third-graders for their doubly successful whaling voyage along the California coast. Doubly successful because in addition to safely navigating their ship, the crew confronted conflicting ideas about whaling and came up with a solution that accommodated all perspectives.
True Courage is an original musical written by music teacher Kabir Sen. Below he talks about the behind-the-scenes work involved in making the show a success.
“It was such a joy putting on three versions of True Courage with this fantastic group of third graders! We began the process by becoming familiar with the story and characters. We then worked on our acting, character expression, and song choreography. With the support of teachers and family, students took on the task of memorizing their lines and the song lyrics while projecting their voices and really bringing the story to life with their acting. After several weeks of piecing the scenes together, we began running the play without stopping, which really helps with the continuity of the show.”
“Students came into the process with varying levels of experience and comfort with live performance. It was a fabulous effort by all involved and wonderful to see everyone supporting one another and shining on stage.”
--Kabir Sen
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