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  • • SHS Magazine Fall 2018: Central Subject is Central
    In an era when students need to question deeply, think critically, and solve problems creatively. Central Subject (CS) offers a fundamentally different approach to teaching and learning. As detailed in this issue, CS is a vehicle for exploring the human condition, using through-lines and essential questions to examine a people or idea during a particular historical period. As it connects subject matter to authentic human issues, CS taps students’ emotions, creativity, and intelligence in ways that are meaningful, relevant, and enduring. 
  • • SHS Magazine Spring 2018: Start Strong. Stay Strong.
    This issue explores how a strong start helps children discover their passions, develop their unique voices, and engage meaningfully. Two faculty members describe how their programs develop lifelong habits-of-mind. And three alumni speak to how these programs sparked passions that guide their personal and professional lives as adults. 
  • • SHS Magazine Spring 2017: Leveling the Playing Field
    This issue explores how our School's focus on equity—gender, racial, socioeconomic, learning-style—helps students and faculty understand and appreciate multiple perspectives and makes us a stronger community.
  • • SHS Magazine Fall 2016: Leaning Into Discomfort
    This issue explores how effective communities are built through deliberate, collective action and underscores the importance of discussing challenging issues to keep the School relevant and dynamic.
  • • SHS Magazine Spring 2016: Centennial Issue
    This issue highlights what lies at the core of Shady Hill's program and the School's committment to providing its students with the skills and mindset to be the change-makers of their generation.
  • • SHS Magazine Fall 2015: Innovation Issue
    In a school such as ours where tradition plays a major role, what is the role for innovation? This issue explores the dynamic tension between tradition and innovation.
  • • SHS Magazine Spring 2015: Play Is Essential to Learning
    The spirit of play is at the heart of what we do. But it is not idle play. Rather, the learning here holds things like risk taking, role playing, problem solving, and exercising the imagination in common with play.
  • • SHS Magazine Summer 2014: Master Faculty
    A school is only as good as its faculty. Fortunately, Shady Hill's faculty is a skilled, experienced, caring group of educators. This issue provides an inside look into how faculty approach their teaching.
  • • SHS Magazine Spring 2014: STEAM
    The acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math is shorthand for integrated, interdisciplinary learning. This issue details several examples that bring STEAM education at Shady Hill to life.
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