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      Four eighth-graders reflect on what made their Shady Hill educations so special.


Because the Journey Matters...

Secondary schools actively pursue our students because Shady Hill graduates are able to think critically, communicate effectively, apply feedback, ensure understanding, and recognize different perspectives on the human condition. They can both advocate for themselves and collaborate with others. With the intellectual discipline and joy fostered at Shady Hill, our graduates consistently become leaders in the classroom, captains of athletic teams, presidents of student government, directors of student plays, and editors on student publications. They know the power of their own voice, and they use it to make a difference.

To find the best fit for high school, our Secondary School Advisor Keri Hughes works individually with students and families from the spring of seventh grade through the spring of eighth grade. She equips them to navigate all aspects of the search process, including school visits, interviews, open houses, applications, SSAT prep, financial aid, and course selection. When it comes time to choose, students and families feel well prepared to make an informed decision about their next steps.  
Shady Hill graduates go on to attend a variety of independent day, boarding, and public schools. While the total number of these schools exceeds 60, over the past five years our students have selected the following schools.
Keri Hughes
Secondary School Advisor
617.520.5260      178 Coolidge Hill  Cambridge MA 02138           Association of Independent Schools in New England