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Afterschool & Auxiliary Programs

Afterschool Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Afterschool Program is to provide an afternoon experience for students that supports and complements the overall mission of the Shady Hill School.

We provide a relaxed, safe, nurturing setting that supports:
  • Creative Exploration: We offer opportunities that balance structure and freedom and encourage creativity, exploration, independence, cooperation, and collaboration.
  • Connections: We reinforce the essential link between students, parents, and School.
  • Emphasis on Childhood: We rigorously honor students' childhoods.
  • Nurturing, Relaxed Environment: We provide a relaxed, comfortable, nurturing atmosphere that takes into account the end-of-the-day needs of our students
  • Safety: We provide a safe, age-appropriate setting for children from the end of school until 5:45 PM.
617.520.5260        178 Coolidge Hill    Cambridge MA 02138