May Day of Giving 2022

Unite and Unite!

Shady Hill celebrates May Day on May 11, 2022. In conjunction with the beloved campus traditions, we asked the community near and far to Unite and Unite in support of our students and faculty with a financial gift to the Shady Hill Fund. Won't you join us?

  • The first challenge: Be one of the first 150 gifts needed to unlock a $50,000 gift before the May Day assemblies are over! If 50 parents make a gift before noon, there's $10,000 more to unlock; If 50 alumni make a gift before noon, that's $10,000 more still! Won't you join in?!
  • The second challenge: Surpass 250 gifts by midnight there is another $25,000 to unlock.


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What is #MayDayofGiving?

    #MayDayofGiving celebrates our community by seeking participation from all its members: alumni, parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, and staff. Participation is the key--not the gift size. As our number of gifts rise, several challenge gifts will unlock.
    • The first challenge? Be one of the first 100 gifts needed to unlock a $55,000 gift before the May Day assembly! If you’re a young alum there’s an extra challenge for you to unlock...stay tuned!
    • To participate in the challenge, make your gift anytime between now and May 12.
    • Be a part of #MayDayofGiving!
  • Who can participate in the #MayDayofGiving challenge?

    Anyone and everyone can participate--Alumni! Parents! Parents of Alumni! Grandparents! Faculty! TTC Alumni! Neighbors! Friends!
    Every gift, of every size, counts toward the challenges. Make a gift in the amount that feels good to you and your family. Let’s Unite and Unite to unlock them!
  • Why does my gift on #MayDayofGiving matter?

    Shady Hill values gifts of all sizes. #MayDayofGiving embodies that community value by counting the number of gifts and not their dollar value toward the challenges. Your gift, no matter the size, will help unlock a challenge and have a resounding impact on the School!
  • How do I make my gift?

    Click here on or before May 12 to participate in the challenge. You can also use Venmo @Shady-Hill, or mail in a check.
  • How do I spread the word?

    Your voice on social media will let others know they can make a difference, too. By sharing with your networks, you can help increase our impact! Share our posts or make your own on Facebook or Instagram! Use #MayDayofGiving and #ShadyHillSchool when you tag classmates and friends.
  • What does my gift support?

    Your gift and the challenge grants support Shady Hill students and faculty through the Shady Hill Fund, which makes possible all things Shady Hill: exceptional curriculum, outstanding faculty, socioeconomic diversity, and more. In this year of operating with Covid adaptations, your financial support is incredibly important.
  • Questions?

    Please contact Devon Wilson-Hill in the Advancement Office at
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