Meet the Admission Team

Year-Round Admission Office Staff

Cassie, Dana, and Katrina are in the office throughout the year. You will meet us at school fairs throughout the Boston area and on campus during your visit. Katrina will be your first point of contact to help schedule appointments and answer any questions — we look forward to working with you!

List of 5 members.

  • Cassie Firenze 

    Director of Admission and Financial Aid
    Bucknell University - B.A.
  • Sarah Wasserman 

    Interim Director of Admission
    Amherst College - B.A.
    University of Chicago - J.D.
  • Dana Zadorozny 

    Assistant Director of Admission
    St. Lawrence University - B.A.
  • Katrina Morris 

    Admission Assistant
    College of the Holy Cross - B.A.
  • Pam Dickinson 

    Director of External Relations and Strategic Engagement
    Williams College - B.A.

Admission Counselors

This group works with us in the busiest season of the year — interview season! Each of these Admission Counselors has a broad range of experience with the school — as parents, teachers, and co-curricular staff. Our Admission Counselors meet with you during the parent interview and learn about your educational hopes for your children. Admission Counselors will stay involved in your application throughout the season. You may see them at various admission events during the year, as well.

List of 10 members.

  • Elizabeth Bartle 

    Admission Counselor
  • Kelly Davidson 

    VIII Gradehead & Admission Counselor
  • Holly Edmonds 

    Admission Counselor
  • Jessica Flaxman 

    Admission Counselor
  • Laniesha Gray 

    Middle School Director of Student Life
  • Alyssa Haywoode 

    Admission Counselor
  • Rosemarie Johnson 

    Admission Counselor
  • Courtney Lauriat 

    Admission Counselor
  • Paul Rocklin 

    Middle School Tutor & Admission Counselor
  • Joyce Swagerty 

    Admission Counselor

Auxiliary Members of the Admission Team

Admission Committees (one for each grade) include many people within the community. For example, the fourth grade committee will include someone who teaches third grade and someone who teaches fourth grade. The people listed below serve different roles within our school, but participate in Admission events, meet visiting students, and read applicant files. These people also play a key role in helping new students and families transition into Shady Hill.

List of 3 members.

  • Abby Brown 

    Middle School (Grades V-VIII) Director of Learning Resources
    Rice University - B.A.
    Wheelock College - M.Ed.
  • Krista Demas 

    Middle School (V-VIII) Head
    University of North Carolina - B.A.
    Boston College - M.Ed.
  • Serena Wilkie Gifford 

    Lower School (B-IV) Head
    Brown University - B.A.
    Bank Street College - M.S.Ed.

List of 3 members.

  • Hanh Cho 

    Lower School Director of Learning Resources
    Boston College - B.A.
    Boston College - M.Ed.
  • James Greenwood 

    Director of Inclusion & Multicultural Practice
    Kenyon College - B.A.
    Brown University - M.A.T.
    Teachers College, Columbia University - M.Ed.
  • Mark Steward 

    School Psychologist
    Dartmouth College - A.B.
    Boston University - M.A., Ph.D.
617.520.5260        178 Coolidge Hill    Cambridge MA 02138