Join Middle School

There are many things to consider when searching for a new school. One is how many years you will spend in this environment. Shady Hill ends in eighth grade, and we believe that there are great advantages to joining us for the middle school program.

Since middle schoolers are the oldest students at our school, they have a number of natural leadership opportunities. Middle school students at Shady Hill School are encouraged and guided to be helpful, positive role models for lower school students in many ways.

Each middle school classroom partners with a lower school classroom for a school year. This enables older and younger students to make connections through spending unstructured time together at recess, reading together and working together on service learning endeavors.

In addition, all middle school students in grades five, six and seven have the opportunity to serve on the Student Board as classroom representatives. Eighth graders may choose to run for Student Board leadership positions. These students facilitate meetings and activities, such as spirit days, service projects and social events, all of which are run by middle schoolers.

Being at a school that culminates with grade eight also affords students the luxury of choosing exactly which type of secondary school will be the best fit. When it comes time to choose a high school, eighth graders at Shady Hill are given direction to help articulate their hopes and goals for secondary school. They might be interested in an all girls’ or all boys’ school. They might want a high school that allows for the study of two languages at a time, or one with a particularly strong athletic program. Shady Hill School has a full time Secondary School Advisor, who works closely with eighth graders and their families to assist in researching and visiting a variety of secondary schools. Eighth graders can also be in touch with high school students who have graduated from Shady Hill for advice, and even to help make the transition to their new secondary school.

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