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Back to School 2022-2023

Relationships are central to who we are at Shady Hill. Forming and maintaining bonds between students, faculty, parents and caregivers will be essential in the coming year. For students, meetings that require different sections to interact, such as Lower and Middle School Assembly, will be determined based on current health and safety conditions with a strong preference for in-person gatherings. Student board, affinity groups and gatherings will be held in-person during the school day. Parents and caregivers will continue to meet and form connections through on-line and in-person events. 

While our school community centers on our children, we are also a place for adults to form connections and forge long-term bonds. This fall, we will continue to foster our adult community with opportunities ranging from casual coffees to Shady Hill Fair volunteering.  

Listed below are links some of the letters, forms and frequently requested documents from the School. 


Welcome Letter
A warm welcome letter from our Head of School Mark Stanek

Back to School Health Guidance
A letter from our Health Director Robin Patch about our 2022-2023 Health Guidance for this school year

Parents Council
The co-chairs provide an overview of the PC and list the year's major PC events.

DASH (Diversity at Shady Hill)
The co-chairs provide an overview of DASH and describe the year's major initiatives.

The Shady Hill Fund
The co-chairs describe the critical impact that our culture of community-wide giving has on the life of the School.


Class Lists:
We will email you a link to your child's class list on Friday, August 26.

SHS Traditions–A Month-by-Month Organizer
Defines each SHS event and provides details, dates, and times.

Volunteering at Shady Hill
Want to get involved in the life of the School? Here's how.

Traffic and Parking Guidelines
Guidelines for ensuring smooth Drop-Offs/Pick-Ups and tips on parking.

Campus Map - Classrooms
Shows the campus buildings labeled with corresponding gradeheads/staff. 

Campus Map - Traffic Patterns
Shows the recommended traffic-flow for Drop-Off and Dismissal. 

Parent Portal 101

Take advantage of the trove of features, tools, & resources on SHS's Parent Portal. Includes instructions on how to link the Portal to your phone.

Summer Practice Letter
Here is information regarding summer reading and summer math practice.


The yellow reminder bar at the top of your Parent Portal page lets you know of forms still needing your attention. Access them through the "Files & Forms" dropdown under your name in the upper right corner of your Portal webpage. Please complete forms by August 31, 2022 unless otherwise indicated. 

Available forms include:
  • Community Health Pledge
  • Bus Registration
  • Grade VIII Service Opportunities
  • Grandfriends Day
  • Transportation Permission
  • Authorized Adult Pick-Up
  • 2022 Household Updates

Magnus Health
This health form is required. You can also access it through the Parent Portal's Magnus Health Resource Board.

ImPact Testing
ImPact tests are required for all sixth, eighth, and new seventh graders. Please reference the email from Robin Patch, our Health Director, for details.

School Bus

Learn about routes, pricing, and how to sign-up.

Supports academics and offers choice-based programming until 5:45 PM. Registration is now through CampBrain. Click the link to see how to sign up.

Music Ensembles
Chorus, orchestra, and jazz-band options for rising 5th-8th graders.


Questions? Contact the Marketing & Communications team:

  • Wanita Niehaus, Director of Marketing and Communications- 617-520-5261
  • Tatum Lee, Marketing and Communications System Specialist - 617-520-5269
  • Moriah Giovannucci, Marketing Multimedia Specialist - 617-520-9317
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