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Shady Hill's nationally known Teacher Training Course (TTC) is a graduate-level teacher preparation program that provides aspiring teachers with well-guided experiences in pre-K through eighth-grade classrooms. In this one year, site-based program, apprentice teachers discover what teaching is all about through observation, supervised teaching, workshops, seminars, and continuous involvement in the life of the school.
  • Early Childhood (pre-k-2)
  • Elementary (1-6)
  • Middle School Humanities (5-8)
  • Middle School Mathematics (5-8)
  • Middle School Science (5-8)
  • Middle School Math and Science (5-8)
Some participants choose to enroll solely in the TTC, though most also participate in a partnering master's program at Lesley University

"The development of the person is really the most important element in the education of a teacher. No amount of technique or scholarship can make a good teacher out of a person who is afraid of experience."

- Katharine Taylor, TTC Founder & first Director of Shady Hill School

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