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TTC Partnerships

Collaboration keeps the TTC fresh and relevant in its important work of preparing teachers to provide an equitable education for all children. Independent schools and public schools throughout the United States repeatedly hire TTC graduates because they value the quality of their training.

The Teacher Training Course partners with a few public schools in Cambridge and Brookline. Schools in these districts enable apprentices to see and experience different models of teaching children. With the rise of English Language Learners in Massachusetts, it is important for apprentices to gain practical experience teaching these students. Anywhere from 30% to 60% of Shady Hill's apprentices complete their spring practicum in a public school. The director and assistant director of the TTC supervise apprentices both on and off Shady Hill's campus and facilitate professional development workshops for mentor teachers from all of our partnering schools.

The TTC's decades-old partnership with Lesley University provide apprentices with an opportunity to merge theory with practice every day. This partnership also enables our faculty at Shady Hill School to keep abreast of the latest educational research, teach graduate courses as adjunct faculty at Lesley University, and connect with other educators who train teachers.
Teacher Licensure and the TTC
Shady Hill's Teacher Training Course is an approved program for initial licensure by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. A master's degree is not required in order to acquire an initial teaching license in Massachusetts. Upon satisfactory completion of the TTC — with or without completion of a master's program -- and the required Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs), graduates are able to obtain their initial license in early childhood, elementary, middle school humanities, middle school math, middle school math, or middle school math and science education.

Due to recent changes in the state's licensure requirements, all participants in the TTC must take a graduate level course in Sheltered English Immersion. This course is included in Lesley's master's degree programs; licensure-only students must register for this course in addition to their TTC enrollment.

Once licensed in Massachusetts, teachers are eligible for licensure in approximately 40 other states under the reciprocal interstate agreement, though additional steps may be required by each state.

Master of Education from Lesley University
The Teacher Training Course has collaborated with Lesley University for more than 40 years to offer apprentice teachers a yearlong apprenticeship and the opportunity to earn a master's degree in early childhood, elementary and middle school education, focusing their coursework on pedagogy related to their desired field. Apprentices who wish to earn a master's degree concurrently with their TTC work must complete application processes through both the TTC and Lesley University.


Master of Education from Tufts University
For the 2015–2016 school year, our partnership with Tufts is on hold. As a result, we are unable to accept applications for the Shady Hill-Tufts program at this time.