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How We Learn

Shady Hill School wants children to be joyful, active learners who develop the intellectual discipline necessary to become contributing, ethical citizens. To accomplish these ends, we believe in the primacy of exploration and discovery, we advance the mastery of skills, and we help students shape meaning from knowledge.

These are the introductory words of Shady Hill School's Mission Statement, reaffirmed by our Board in 2009. Having one of the finest groups of teachers working in independent schools in America, the learning that takes place in our classrooms is joyful, rigorous, creative, and much more. Our students acquire skills that allow them to think deeply about subject matter. They learn not only the multiplication tables, but also the fundamental meaning behind those computations; they learn not only scientific formulae, but also the processes and theories that make the formulae come to life. Literature, history, geography, and in some cases mathematics, art, music, and more form the foundations of our Central Subject approach to learning. The way our students learn becomes the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

To learn more about Central Subject and the other elements of a Shady Hill education, visit the Curriculum section of our website.